Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Look Book

Before my holiday look book pictures go up later on my blog, I just wanted to say that I had a
Caroline recently in one of my videos! We had filmed this video all the back in August! I never had a free week to upload! But I'm glad that I can upload it this week because, Caroline was going to be in my November favorites, but we had so many problems uploading that video! So now we are having a flashback Friday video! That's fun right? That video is going to be super interesting! 

 Anyways as of Friday, I have absolutely nothing planned for my holiday look book! Rachel is probably going to strangle me, but that's going to be okay, maybe? I need to get up really early on Saturday morning not only to start getting ready, but I have to buy One Direction tickets! I'm so excited hopefully I get them! (Ps Caroline and I did manage to get the tickets, so be prepared for that vlog in August!)

Rachel and I had a very fun day of filming yesterday! It consisted of a lot of singing and dancing around like fools! I had a blast and so did Rachel, and especially the cat! the look book ended up turning out really well, and I so proud of it, I am also really glad that Rachel edited it, so it turned out 10 times better!

As you can probably see from some of the photos, we fooled around a bunch in my room, and I personally got distracted a lot, and then Rachel would yell, but its okay.

These are some of my favorite shoes! I got them last year at Nordstrom Rack
to match my homecoming dress, the bows add a nice touch. 
This is my cat Veronica, even though she looks unhappy, she loves me
so much. My sweater is from Forever 21
Sometimes love is forced love.
Again, she loves me so much. 
Cuddle Time!

After a long day of filming, Veronica needed to take a nap in front of
the heater, in the most ridiculous pose ever!
And yes, there is a purse on my head.

Holiday Look Book 

Make sure you all check out my video, and go and show it some love on YouTube, it would really mean a lot to me! Since it is December already, and I am personally not crafty enough to do #DIY December, and I am a full time student so I can't do Vlogmas, I am going to try and upload an extra video every week! This week was exciting because I had a vlog, beauty video, look book, and another vlog with that! It was such a crazy week for my channel! I have an extras video from my This or That Tag going up on Wednesday, and my regular video on Friday! I hope you all have a great week and weekend, I will talk to you all next week! Thanks again for all of your support! 

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    1. Awe! Thanks! I hope you enjoy my blog, and my videos if you watch them!

    2. We are literally sitting right next to each other.